5 Steps to Starting a Childcare Business

Interested in opening a fun-filled, safe haven for kids?

Build Your Business

Do you have a plan?

Are you ready to put your plans into action and be profitable?


Do you want to be simply OUTSTANDING in every way?

Let’s get you Ofsted-ready!


Cash-flow Worries?

What if I told you that you can make the most out of your income and pocket more money?

Staffing Problems?

Are you struggling with motivating or managing your staff?

Build a dream team you can be proud of!

Natural Resources

No more toys!

Let’s go right back to nature
and build our children’s sensory skills and imaginations!


Outdoor Play

Why be confined by four walls?

The world has much to give, and we can teach children about taking risks safely & boundaries!

Trusting Relationships

Building trusting relationships are so important when you are sharing information about your business.  After all, your business is your baby. No one understands your business like you do! I know that owning an Early Years Business can be very lonely, that is why I created Gina Smith Consultancy,

Just having someone there who understands your nightmares and has the experience to put you on the right path to success, is very refreshing.

I am an expert in turning businesses around!

1. One to one video calls

What better way is there to connect, than by a one-to-one video call, from the comfort of your sofa. You have had a day from hell and you want to share with someone who understands. Someone that has the knowledge and experience to be able to hold your hand through the dark days and lead you through to the sunshine…….

2. Building a team

You know what you want to achieve, but you keep hitting a brick wall. It feels like one step forward and three steps back. I can help you build your team! No more fire fighting. I will share with you strong, robust systems that will give you the team of your dreams, enabling you to work on building your business.

3. Cashflow

Knowing your numbers can instantly increase your cashflow. Just a few tweeks here and there saved me £240.00 per week.

Do you want to know how I did it?

4. Ofsted ready

The one thing that we all want is to be ‘OUTSTANDING’


What can I say…..Gina and her team are just fabulous! My little boy attended The Enchanted Garden from just 10 months old and as well supporting me as a Mum, Gina also supported me with my career in childcare too, despite at one point working in another nursery locally! We were all made to feel part of their family and we love going back to visit! Highly recommended!
Maxine Dillon

Operations Manager, I-Sourcer

A few months ago, I reached out to Gina through LinkedIn for some mentoring support to grow my Spanish language business which is offered to nurseries. With Gina’s experience, she was the perfect person to speak to. What a lovely lady! Gina offered me so much practical support, advice and guidance as well as the pat on the back and encouragement that I so desperately needed to keep going and to keep fulfilling my dream of expanding. I highly recommend getting in contact with Gina if you are looking for an extremely knowledgeable and supportive mentor.
Jo Morris

Mini Lingos

One of the hardest recommendations to write because I don’t know where to start! 

Gina is an amazing lady, her knowledge and passion for children’s education and welfare is unmatched. My child attends her nursery and his exposure to new experiences will help shape him as he grows. Gina inspires others through her leadership, boundless energy and is someone who has been through the hard times, knuckled down and rose to the top. Her new venture in consultancy will be a total success. If you own a nursery and need a shoulder to lean on you must speak to Gina.

John Morley

Managing Director, i-Sourcer

I have been working with Gina for a little over 4 months now. I have come to know an extrememly knowledgeable, enthusiastic, caring lady who is extremely passionate about early years and caring for children. Her flagship nursery has recently achieved an Outstanding inspection from Ofsted which echoes her sheer strengths and dedication in this highly regulated and challenging industry. I highly recommend anyone who works in Early Years, is a nursery owner and needs support to contact Gina.
Jo Gilbert

Jo Gilbert

Turn Your Day Nursery Nightmares

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