No1 for inspiring and growing ‘Outstanding’ teams!

As a leader do you sometimes feel like you speak a different language? 

I hear this all the time from managers and business owners.

Business owners and entreprenures focus their time and energy on growing their business. Staff have been employed to deal with the day to day running of the business. The people that you have employed have the relevant qualifications to be able to carry out the necessary tasks needed to run your business, but tasks are not being completed.

So why are tasks not being completed and why are the workforce not doing what they have been asked to do?

The most common reason for this is, the staff do not have a clear understanding of what they have been asked to do! Instead of admitting that they are not sure, as they see this as a weakness, they choose to do nothing.

Business owners often view this as defiance. 

What does a team building consultant do?

In an enviroment that requires a group of people to work together, team building plays an important part. Without this there is a lack of communication, no team spirit and no motivation. A strong team can support one anothers efforts and achieve goals that have been set for the team.

A team building consultant, like myself, is dedicated to empowering individuals within an organisation, to come together professionally, and to work as a team. This will and does enhance productivity and output for the business. No one hires a team builder if there are no problems within their organisation. A team builder addresses the problems and provides the tools to bring the team together to solve these problems.

The first thing that I do, is to work with and assess the employees. I look at their abilities, their personalities, their skills and their attitude towards teamwork and group decision making.

An assessment is made and a written report is sent out to you. In the report I clearly state how I intend to lay the foundations for the building of an awesome team. I keep checking in to see how things are going and provide strategies to assist you on the smooth running of your business if required. Teams build businesses!

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