Are you a Leader or a Boss?

A Boss; gives (someone) orders in a domineering manner.

Leader. A leader is the one in charge, the person who convinces other people to follow. A great leader inspires confidence in other people and moves them to action.

No one really likes to be told what to do, but what they do accept is that you are the boss and so people tend do what you say! But ask yourself this; are these people happy in their work?

You will probably find that the answer is no, they are not happy in their work! The reason for this is that these employees, do not feel valued. Their opinions are not listened to. These people have no clear vision of what they are doing or why they are doing it, other than they have been told to do something by the BOSS. They lack confidence in their work and are reluctant to try something new in case they get it wrong. Staff turnover is usually very high.

A BOSS does not provide employees with the strategies/tools to achieve the goals set, a BOSS expects the employees to do as they are told and implement the said task in to the work place. An employee is reluctant to do so, just in case they get it wrong, instead, the employee does nothing. This results in the BOSS becoming frustrated, as instructions are being given but not being completed. The BOSS then starts to blame the workforce for not doing what they have been asked/told to do! No one will stand up and say, “I did not understand the instruction!” To admit this, in the eyes of the employee, is like saying, I am not competent in my role. An unease is created with in the work place and everyone feels like they are walking on eggshells. Production is slow or none existent.

It did take me a while to acquire the skills and knowledge that enabled me to become a LEADER. However, once I had learned these great skills my job became more enjoyable and easier. My business grew and it became a happy place of work. You see, becoming a great LEADER in your chosen field, means that you have inspired a group of people, your team. These people now share your vision and have a clear understanding of your expectations of them and for your business. You have built a trust and like relationship with your employees and they are confident to say, “I did not understand the instruction!” The employees know that you will help them to achieve the task that you set and that you will not see them incompetent.

A great LEADER, an inspirer, a person that shares their vision for the business with their team, will see their businesses thrive and grow. A LEADER identifies the strengths and weaknesses within their teams and provides strategies/tools to support and grow these people. In return, the workforce will go that extra mile for the business, because they understand what is expected of them. They see the positive results within the business, and they are happy to be a part of it. Staff morale is high, and so is staff retention.

Top 5 tips of leadership

  1. Establishing a clear vision
  2. Share your vision with others so that they will follow willingly
  3. Provide information, knowledge and methods that enable others to realise your vision.
  4. Be transparent.
  5. Support and guide your team to help them to achieve your vision.

When you start to use these 5 top tips, you will instantly see a positive change within your business. I feel at this point I need to make you aware that not everyone welcomes change and that some of your employees may decide that this new way of working is not for them. You, as their LEADER, will guide and support their decision, by offering any help that they feel they need which will assist them through the transition. However, you need to ask yourself ‘do I want these people in my business?’

Only you can answer that question!